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Vision of a New Generation Air Transport System in China


 29 years ago, Premier Deng Xiaoping put forward the concepts of

reform and opening up of the economy. Since then, these have become fundamental to the formation of China’s national policies.

Over the past three decades since the implementation of reform and

opening up policies, China’s economy maintained a rapid average

annual growth rate of 9.6%. In 2006, China’s GDP amounted to $2.63

trillion and per capita GDP reached 2000 US dollars.


Meanwhile, great progress has been made in social undertakings of

the country. Driven by continuous and rapid economic development, China’s civil

aviation industry has achieved impressive growth.


In 2006, total turnover of air transport, passenger volume, and cargo

and mail volume reached 30.58 billion ton kilometers, 160 million

people and 3.493 million tons, an average annual growth rate of 18%,

16.3%, and 15.4% respectively from 1978 to 2006.


Average growth rate of total turnover was more than double the world

average. Total turnover of scheduled flights ranked the second in 2005 among

ICAO members, up from the 37th place in 1978. Currently, Chinese airlines operate scheduled flights on more than 1300 routes and own 1028 transport aircraft of different types. There

are 147 airports in China with flight operations.


In the past 30 years, China’s civil aviation industry experienced two

major system reforms and continued to open up to the outside world.

Until now, the industry has established a preliminary management and

operation system which is compatible with socialist market economy

and international trends.


Aviation safety management has become more legislation-oriented,

standardized and rationalized. Aviation safety levels have continued to



We are aware that, generally speaking, the aviation sector of China

is and will be for a long time, pur

suing growth. The present size and quality of the industry cannot meet the demands of reform and opening up, and economic development of the country.

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