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Cargo Insurance


Safty Insurance:

1. In the course of transportation, all the losses or presumed losses of the entire batch of goods are caused by natural disasters such as severe weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquakes and floods. 2. Loss of all or part of the goods due to accidents such as stranding, striking, sinking, collision, collision with drifting ice or other objects, and accidents such as fire or explosion. 3. In the case of accidents such as stranding, reefing, sinking, or burning, the cargo has suffered some damage caused by natural disasters such as severe weather, lightning, and tsunami. 4. All or part of the loss caused by one or several pieces of cargo falling into the sea during loading or unloading or transportation. 5. The reasonable expenses paid by the insured for taking measures to rescue, prevent or reduce the damage caused by the goods in danger of underwriting liability, but not exceeding the insurance amount of the goods to be rescued. 6. After the shipwrecked the shipwreck, the damage caused by the unloading at the port of refuge and the special expenses incurred by the port, the port of refuge due to unloading, storage and delivery of the goods. 7. Sacrifice, apportionment and salvage costs for general average. 8. The contract of carriage is subject to the “responsibility for negligence of ship collisions”, according to which the shipowner’s losses shall be reimbursed by the shipper.

WPA: WPA = FPA + partial loss of goods caused by natural disasters

All risks: all risks = WPA + 11 general additional risks

11 additional risks include: stealing and picking up goods, fresh water and rain, short-term insurance, mixed pollution, leakage risk, breakage and breakage risk, string taste insurance, moisture and heat risk, hook damage insurance, packaging breakage insurance and rust damage risk.

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