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  • China changs logistics challenge

    As domestic consumer markets take off and investment extends
    to new inland regions, China’s transport and logistics infrastructure
    faces fresh challenges and fresh scrutiny from businesses and
    government planners....
  • Vision of a New Generation Air Transport System in China

    29 years ago, Premier Deng Xiaoping put forward the concepts of
    reform and opening up of the economy. Since then, these have become fundamental to the formation of China’s national policies.
    Over the past three decades since the implementation of reform...
  • How to Book Shipping Space

    The exporter can book shipping space with a carrier or carrier's agent directly or through a customs broker or forwarder. In practice, it is not uncommon for the exporter to select a carrier and shipping schedule and let the customs broker or forwarder b...
  • Export Tax Rebates in China

    Mar. 22 – China began to implement its export tax rebate policy in April 1985 as a way to enhance the country’s competitiveness in foreign markets by eliminating double taxation on exported goods. Export tax rebates refer to refunds of indirect taxes paid...
  • Cargo Insurance

    Safty Insurance:

    1. In the course of transportation, all the losses or presumed losses of the entire batch of goods are caused by natural disasters such as severe weather, lightning, tsunami, earthquakes and floods. 2. Loss of all or part of the goods...
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