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  • Export Rebates

    As of 2017, exempt goods include:
    Agricultural products sold by agricultural producers;
    Oral contraceptives and contraceptive appliances;
    Ancient books;
    Imported equipment directly used in scientific research, scientific experiments and/or teaching;
  • Customs Broker For Private Goods

    ? Domestic and international moving
    ? Secure storage
    ? Care Protection
    ? Destination settling-in services
    ? Employee and family support
    ? Immigration support
  • Customs Broker For Dangerous Cargo

    ? Able to handle most classes of DG cargo.
    ? Can handle DG related enquiries.
    ? Advisable to store DG cargo nearest to container door to minimize unstuffing costs.
  • Customs Broker For General Trade

    We have rich experience in customs clearance. Meanwhile we show special attention to the detail problems of the customs clearance and deal with it efficiently. Our accurate and professional service ensures your customs clearing process timely and efficien...
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