Amish Country Mailbox Postal Mailbox II Kit

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Our Forked Trunk with Log Mailbox Design

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Mailbox II is our first mailbox design, mimics a forked tree trunk with a log on top for the mail box itself.

Description: Mailbox II stand approximately 52 - 54 inches tall and is approximately 24 inches deep with a 12 inch width for ample mail storage.

Dual doors front and back with magnetic closures.provide SAFE and easy access to your mail without need to stand in the road.

Tested and approved by the USPS for safety and durability.

The post has an integrated advertising hanger and the fork in the trunk doubles as an external newspaper holder.

At Amish Country Mailbox
we specialize in Modern Mailboxes that are designed to honor the beauty of Nature while providing a reliable function. Each of our mailbox styles have been custom designed and tested to meet the USPS requirements for safety and functionality and is Patented by the US Patent office.

Whether you wish a mailbox to accentuate your log home or to add flair to your landscaping, our patented designed mailboxes will fit your every need.

Amish Country Mailbox
has spent 6 years patenting and testing these simulated wooden mailbox designs and are happy to offer you this opportunity to enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Optional grapevine NAME PLATE as a decorative accessory available for $19.95.. A 4" X 4" post is required for mounting with only a maximum required height that ranges from 18 to 24 inches sticking out of the ground. Standard 2" adhesive lettering not included.

MSRP $299.00 for complete kit

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